WNC Wood Products is located in Lenoir NC within Caldwell County. Our Sawmill produces organic double ground mulch daily. Our Mulch is 100% organic with no artificial coloring! Our mulch selection includes Pine Mulch, Oak Mulch, Poplar Mulch and mixed hardwood mulch.  The availability of each is based on the lumber being produced and demand.

Mulch & Landscaping

WNC Wood Products Inc. produces bark mulch directly from our Sawmill.   Our mulch is double ground and available for sale for commercial contractors, businesses or the general public.  

All of our mulch is 100% organic with no added dyes or chemicals.  We produce a variety of mulch to include white pine, yellow pine, red oak, white oak, poplar, hickory along with mixed hardwoods.

Bring by your truck or trailer today and pick up a fresh load of mulch today.

More products and opportunities

WNC Wood Products, Inc. supports local businesses, entrepreneurs and residents.  Visit the links below for additional opportunities.  We are located at 2518 Roby Martin Rd, Lenoir NC 28645



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