WNC Wood Products & Logs

WNC Wood Products, Inc.’s Sawmill’s primary input is logs.   Logs are 100% organic and renewable!   

We purchase logs from various companies logging in the greater area of our Lenoir Sawmill.  Loggers are treated with respect; loggers have a very dangerous profession and deserve the respect of everyone.

Products produced at WNC Wood Products, Inc

WNC Wood Products is proud and honored to be located in Caldwell County NC.  We are between the Appalachian mountains and the Foot Hills of Western.NC.  Take a look at  our products to see how we can assist,


WNC Wood Products produces quality hardwoods to include custom lumber as per costomer requests.

WNC Wood Products Lumber

Cross Ties

WNC Wood Products produces cants and cross ties.  Need something unique or specific?

WNC Wood Products Cants and Cross Ties

Caldwell County NC Mulch for Sale

WNC Wood Products produces 100% organic double ground fresh mulch for sale by the truck load or trailer.

WNC Wood Products Mulch

Log Buying

We  are currently purchasing our logs through gate loggers.  We have many great relationships with loggers.  If you have timber to sell, feel free to contact us and we will help get a great logger on your property. (828) 572-1550.

We are not currently purchasing timber tracks but again, we have many great loggers that we can recommend.  Let us know how we can assist.  Our relationships with our loggers are based on integrity and honesty; the foundation of a great long term business relationship.

“100% Renewable Natural Resources”

 Appalachian Mountain Timber