WNC Sawmill By-Products

WNC Wood Products Inc. and our Sawmill values our forests and practices responsible manufacturing processes;  There is no waste at our Sawmill.  

  1. Mulch/Bark:  As our logs enter the Sawmill, the logs have the bark removed (debarked).  The Bark is shredded/ground a second time and ready for sale.  Mulch is 100% organic and great for landscaping.  A fresh layer of Mulch around your home increases your curb appeal and increases the value of your home!
  2.  Sawdust:  The sawdust generated at our mill is saved and merchandised primarily for industrial purposes.  Sawdust is used on farms, for absorption/cleanup along with some composting operations.  
  3. Chips:  There will always be some wood too small to be a “board”.  This wood is “chipped”.  The chips are great for industrial purposes with some domestic use.